My name is Ana Mercedes Paz, I am the founder and CEO of Over Design Corp.

With my uncle Angel Paz and my friends for many years Ali Gomez and Sabina Chincoli, we decided to undertake this project.

We are a small team of Venezuelans living in the United States but with big dreams and creativity.


I have a great experience in the manufacture and processing of furniture, in Venezuela it was our family business for more than 14 years, but because the situation in my country, we decided to close the factory, and start a new life in the United States 7 years ago, as soon we arrive we has the intention to open the furniture factory, but I realized that I needed a lot of capital and time, so I decided to specialize as fashion designer, but my love for make and create new things especially furniture never died.


Subsequently 14 months ago my friend Ali Gomez who knows very well our experience in the manufacture of furniture, called me and told about the idea of create the NCG, since he start explain me everything I know is going to be an innovation, So I told my uncle about the project and we met with Ali and there was where we presented the project that we got a lot of attention to my uncle as well, at that time we decided to start the manufacture through the community of Kickstarter, after many designs, testing, prototypes and improvements, my team and I are proud to present you our NGC the chair more comfortable, elegant and useful in the world.

After researching and studying for several months how it worked the crowdfunding system of Kickstarter, and see that our project NCG did not exist and it was feasible to begin to work and create Over Design Corp.

Ana Mercedes Paz, NGC CEO/Founder